Thursday, December 6, 2012

Stock Donations - Better than Cash!

It is better to give than receive. – Acts 20:35

It is better to give appreciated stocks than cash.  – IRS

Your church may not have a brokerage account to sell stock donations, but your church has a United Methodist Foundation and we have a brokerage account!

The Foundation will sell appreciated stocks for your members and write a check for the full amount to your church. This is a free service of the Foundation.

Your church will benefit from these significant and generous gifts.

Your members who donate will benefit because:

  • they can transfer the stock directly to the Foundation (an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit).
  • they don’t have to sell the stock and claim any income from capital gains.
  • they can tell the Foundation who to write the check to (your church and/or another United Methodist ministry or agency).
  • they get the full charitable deduction for the amount of the sale of the stock. (Check with a tax advisor or CPA – actual deduction may vary based on individual circumstances.)

Step 1:  Tell us be on the lookout for your donation:   303-778-6370 or
Step 2:  Send the stock to the Foundation’s Broker
Step 3:  Send us a letter of intent so we know which United Methodist church or agency will receive a check AND so that we can provide the proper IRS acknowledgement for your gift.

Contact the Foundation for stock transfer instructions and forms.
303-778-6370   OR     OR